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1.Extension of validity of Registration(CRES). please Click here for Details.... 2. ATTENTION EXPORTERS:Update GSTIN for the purpose of generating Invoice for Sample testing.. please Click here for Updating... 3. REVISION IN ANALYTICAL CHARGES. please Click here for Details... 4. CIRCULAR ON MANDATORY TESTING FOR SALMONELLA IN THE CONSIGNMENT OF CHILLI/CHILLI PRODUCTS,CUMIN WHOLE/GROUND AND ALL MIXED FORMS OF SPICES INCLUSIVE OF PASTE EXPORTED TO USA. please Click here for Details... 5. MANDATORY SAMPLING, TESTING AND CERTIFICATION OF EXPORT OF SPICES TO JAPAN. please Click here for Details... 6. All consignments of Capsicum annuum (chilly/Chilly Products) & Nutmeg for export to EU member countries should be accompanied by a Health Certificate from EIC/EIA along with cleared analytical report from Spices Board w.e.f. 02nd February, 2016. For details please visit: www.indianspices.com
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